Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jordan had all of her IV tubes and chest tube removed this am. She stood up and walked around for the first time (ouch!) and was an absolute trooper. The nurses and doctors are really pushing her regarding breathing and movement exercises and Jordie is responding wonderfully. All the ICU staff comments how strong and mannerful Jordie is and that makes Mom and Dad very proud!

Thanks to all for their thoughts and prayers! Our God is an awesome God!

Duane and Kelly (Thurs. April 30 1:15 pm)


  1. Jordie,

    Wow you are a rock star!!!!! We know that it is very difficult but I assure you each and every day it will get easier for you. Keep up the GREAT work. We all miss your smiling face.

    Love, Rob, Molly, Allison, Grant and Luke

  2. Jordie,

    You ROCK - We are so thankful for the success of your surgery and how AWESOME you are doing!! Of course, we'd expect nothing less from someone as incredible as you!! Miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you!!

    The Newhouse Tribe

  3. I hope you get better soon. I love you Jordie!

    Love, Anna

  4. Jordan - I hope I can come see you on Saturday. I've been thinking alot about you lately...we are sending lots of hugs your way. Be strong. I love you Jordie!

    Love, your cousin Meghan

  5. Hey jordie waz up. i miss you. keep going and stay strong because before you know it youll be outta there and back home having fun. you are in my prayers and hope you get better soon.
    -love ash

  6. Way to go Jordie!! I hear you're kicking some serious tush around there. We are so proud of you. We're going to throw one serious party for you this summer when you're back on top of your game!!!

    Love ya bunches.
    Bob & Julaine

  7. Keep it up, Jordie!! All of us at school are praying for you!! God bless you and your family!

    Emily Werkhoven