Saturday, May 2, 2009

Jordan was moved out of ICU at 2pm today(Sat). She had a chest MRI which is hopefully the last testing she will have before being sent home. Jordie's doctor says she should be released from the hospital either tomorrow or for sure on Monday! She has been walking around and eating a lot!
Once again, thanks for the prayers and we are almost HOME! God's blessings to you all!


  1. it's great to know we serve an awsome god!
    He is the healer and author of our lives.

    we will countinue to pray and praise the lord for all he is doing through this. in christ the rodriguez family

  2. Jordan, you are absolutely amazing. I know you've had some rough days in the ICU this week and yet you've rallied like a trooper. What an inspiration!!
    We can't wait until you're back home so we can come and see you.
    We serve an incredible God and you are living proof of the miracles He gives us.

    Sending you bunches and bunches of hugs and love,
    Bob, Julaine and all the kidlets!

  3. Hi Jordie,

    It is so awesome that you will be coming home soon. You are one tough kid! We'll see you soon.

    Julie Schilpeoort

  4. Praise God that you can come home! My Kindergarten kids have been praying for you! They liked looking at your picture with your friends. We are praying for you. Mrs. Bos

  5. The Monson'sMay 3, 2009 at 8:37 AM


    Great news!! Glad to hear that you are improving so much each day. Isn't the power of love and prayer amazing! Tell your mom and dad to hang in there, I'm sure your sisters can't wait to have you home so they can help you get better too....Keep your chin up kiddo, see you soon.

    The Monson Family

  6. Hey Jordie,
    That's sooooo exciting you're coming home today or tomorrow. I can't wait to see you!!
    Lots of love,

  7. Hey Jordie,
    It's great to hear that your doing well! I love you alot and have been praying for you everyday. Tell your sisters I love and miss them too k? See you all as soon as I can.

    Love Ty